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Beautiful Blossoms Maghera

Calathea (Peacock plant)

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The Peacock plants, as you’d imagine, a big show-off. Its leaves look like they’ve been painted with big strokes of green, while the underside is tinged with red. It’s the perfect companion for any of our other calatheas. They all like lots of light and humid conditions. 

 loves a bright spot, but away from direct sun (it burns his leaves). He’ll manage in light shade.

It likes soil moist, but not soggy. You only need to water when the top two inches of soil feel dry.

Keep it leaves free of crispy edges by giving a mist every couple of days.  loves moist air.

It will absorb free radicals from your tech and gadgets.

It safe to be around your pets and little people.

It can absorb radicals from you

Plant can grow up to 45cm (18 in) Pot sold separately


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