Ctenanthe Setosa "Compact Star"
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Ctenanthe Setosa "Compact Star"

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The Ctenanthe plant, also known as the Never Never plant, is an evergreen plant with unique, variegated foliage that can add color and liveliness to any home interior.

 This tropical evergreen plant requires specific growing conditions that mimic the humidity, temperature, light levels, and soils of its native tropical rainforest habitat. Without these conditions, the plant can still grow, but will not fully develop the unique foliage coloration which is what is most prized by plant lovers around the world.

Origin: Rainforest regions of Central and South America

Light Requirements: Bright, indirect light. Avoid excessive direct sunlight.

Watering: Maintain moist soil, but avoid waterlogged conditions. Water once the top of the soil feels dry.

Temperature: 55-85°F (13-29°C).

Humidity: Medium to high humidity. Leaf curling and brown tips will develop in low humidity.

Flowering: Small, insignificant white/yellow flowers appear at intervals through the year when grown in good conditions.

Pruning: Only needed to control size and remove dead foliage. Plant will spread out if allowed to.

Toxicity: Generally safe for children and pets.



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