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Ficus Elastica "Benjamina" - Weeping Fig

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The weeping fig (Ficus benjamina), also known as the Benjamin fig, tropic laurel, Java fig, Java tree, small-leaved rubber plant or just plain ficus, has arching stems of small, glossy green or variegated leaves. In time it grows into a small, elegant tree that can reach around 1.8m tall and makes an impressive focal point. It’s an excellent air purifier, too.

Ficus Elastica "Benjamina" Care 

 Where should I put this plant?

It’s important to find the right spot for your weeping fig. Choose a place that has bright but indirect light – a position a few feet from a window is ideal. Make sure the plant is not in a draughty spot or close to the heat of a radiator or heater in winter. Weeping figs need a steady temperature of at least 16°C to thrive, no colder than 13°C in winter.

How should I water this plant?

Once you have found the right spot for your plant, the main thing to remember is not to overwater it – wait until the top 2-3cm of compost is dry. After you have watered, be sure to let any excess water drain away. Use tepid water to avoid shocking the plant.

Should I feed this plant?

Feed your plant with a half-strength liquid fertiliser, such as seaweed feed, during spring and summer.

Is this plant suitable if I have pets?

Sap can be an irritant 

What size is this plant?

W10cm x 60cm


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